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Necessary Information About Personal Injury Claims

If a family or friend of mine is injured and asks what they should look for in hiring an attorney, the first thing is you want somebody you can work with. A big part of that is somebody you trust. At Rob Henry Attorney At Law, I provide my Dallas-Fort Worth clients with the compassion, information, and experience they need from their personal injury attorney.

The important thing about the attorney-client relationship is that you have to let the lawyer work for you. You have to go on with your life. You have to go to the doctor, get treated and get better. I can take care of your claim on your behalf while you focus on recovering and moving on from your injuries.

What It Takes To Move Forward

If your injury is something where you can only get to a certain level and if you’re going to have to live with new changes, you’re going to have to learn how to get used to that. While you are adapting to these changes, you need to trust in me to fight for your needs.

As your lawyer, I will be loyal to you, take your case and injuries seriously and I don’t take the guerilla lawyer and will fight for every dime, approach. I think personally that’s just nonsense. Instead, my focus is on helping you earn the ideal outcome in your situation, so you have what you need to enter this new chapter in your life with confidence. I will be civil, and will strive for a compromise and try to find the best solution for my clients.

Get The Representation You Need

As your attorney I will work with the other players, the defense attorney and work with an adjuster to try to get you the most favorable outcome possible. In my experience, the best way to do that has always been through negotiation, good faith and compromise. Call 817-591-2738 or email me here to meet with a Texas attorney you can put your faith in after your accident.